Wallpaper Design Guide

How to choose the perfect wallpaper design for your space...

Revamping your space with wallpaper is an exciting journey, and understanding the nuances of color and pattern selection is crucial. Follow these expert tips to make informed decisions:

1. Understand Your Style

Reflect on your personal style. Whether it's modern, classic, or eclectic, identifying your aesthetic preferences sets the foundation for your wallpaper journey.

2. Consider the Room's Purpose

Complement each room's purpose with suitable wallpaper. Energizing patterns for active spaces and calming designs for bedrooms create a harmonious ambiance.

3. Play with Colors

Explore the psychology of colors. Soft hues for tranquility, bold colors for drama, and neutrals for versatility. Ensure your wallpaper harmonizes with the existing color scheme.

4. Sizing Matters

Tailor your wallpaper to the size of the space. Larger patterns make a statement in spacious areas, while smaller prints suit cozier rooms.

5. Pattern Placement

Leverage pattern placement for visual effects. Vertical stripes elongate walls, while horizontal patterns widen perception. Use patterns strategically for desired outcomes.

6. Feature Wall or Full Room

Decide on the scale of impact. Feature walls allow bold choices, while full-room coverage can be subdued or cohesive. Tailor your decision to your design goals.

7. Consider Lighting

Account for lighting variations. Test samples in both natural and artificial light to ensure your chosen wallpaper looks perfect in all conditions.

8. Think Long-Term... Or don't

Opt for enduring appeal. Choose timeless designs over fleeting trends for a space that remains stylish through changing seasons.

Or opt for our premium easily removable Peel & Stick option that leaves no residue behind - no decision is final!

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