Paint Colors That Coordinate With Our Odette Arboretum Wallpaper - Painted Paper

Paint Colors That Coordinate With Our Odette Arboretum Wallpaper

For the "Odette Arboretum Wallpaper," which features a variety of floral motifs against a dark background, including white and golden flowers, I recommend the following Sherwin-Williams paint colors that can complement the diverse palette of the wallpaper:

  1. Marshmallow (SW 7001) - A crisp, clean white that will coordinate with the white flowers, offering a bright contrast to the dark background.
  2. Mink (SW 6004) - This is a deep, warm brown that would echo the earthy tones in the wallpaper and complement its more neutral floral elements.
  3. Rookwood Sash Green (SW 2810) - A dark, rich green that would harmonize with the foliage depicted in the wallpaper and add a sense of depth and sophistication.
  4. Naval (SW 6244) - A deep navy blue that could balance the dark backdrop of the wallpaper while adding a regal touch to the room.
  5. Bee (SW 6683) - A bright, cheerful yellow that would bring out the golden accents without overpowering the subtle elements of the design.

These colors could be used for walls in adjacent rooms, as accent colors, or for trim and molding to create a cohesive color scheme throughout the space. Always consider the lighting in your room, as it can significantly impact how these colors appear when paired with the wallpaper. It’s a good idea to test out paint samples in your actual space before making your final decisions​.

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