Five Paint Colors to Coordinate With Our Wren Wallpaper - Painted Paper

Five Paint Colors to Coordinate With Our Wren Wallpaper

For the "Wren Wallpaper" which has a sophisticated mix of natural elements against a dark backdrop, accented with touches of yellow and orange, a range of coordinating Sherwin-Williams paint colors can enhance and complement the wallpaper's design. Here are some colors that could work beautifully:


1. Tricorn Black (SW 6258): This is a classic, deep black that would match the wallpaper's background, ensuring a seamless transition from paper to paint.

2. Honeydew (SW 6428): This soft, muted yellow can pick up the yellow accents in the wallpaper without overwhelming the design.

3. Antiquarian Brown (SW 0045): A rich, warm brown that could harmonize with the earthy tones in the wallpaper, providing a comforting and cohesive feel to the space.

4. Palm Leaf (SW 7735): This is a deep, muted green that echoes some of the more subdued foliage tones in the wallpaper, creating a sense of depth and connection to nature.

5. Snowbound (SW 7004): A crisp, clean white that could be used on the ceiling or trim to provide a sharp contrast and make the wallpaper's colors pop.

It's a good idea to get some sample chips or peel-and-stick samples to test these colors in your space, as lighting and surrounding elements can influence the way these colors interact with the wallpaper​.

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