Five Paint Colors To Coordinate With Luca Bloom Wallpaper - Painted Paper

Five Paint Colors To Coordinate With Luca Bloom Wallpaper

For the "Luca Bloom Wallpaper," which is rich with green foliage, vibrant birds, and floral patterns set against a dark background, you can create a stunning and complementary color scheme with these Sherwin-Williams paint colors:


  1. Contented (SW 6191) - A soft, muted green that would blend seamlessly with the wallpaper's leafy greens​.

  2. Sea Salt (SW 6204) - This is a popular choice that offers a lighter, airy complement to the botanical elements, playing well with the cooler tones in the wallpaper​.

  3. Tricorn Black (SW 6258) - To match the wallpaper's background and give a room a cohesive and expansive feel, Tricorn Black could be used on adjacent walls or accents.

  4. Comfort Gray (SW 6205) - This color provides a serene, grayish-green backdrop that complements the wallpaper without competing for attention​.

  5. Hazel (SW 6471) -  Hazel can provide a subtle and warm complement to the rich oranges and reds in the wallpaper, supporting the warm tones without competing for attention​

It's recommended to test these paint colors in your actual space with sample chips or peel-and-stick samples to see how the lighting and other room elements affect their appearance alongside the wallpaper.

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