How to Install Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Hey, design enthusiast! Get ready to elevate your space effortlessly with our peel and stick wallpaper. Let's make this a breeze.

Step 1: Prep and Inspect Start by giving your wall some love. Clean it thoroughly, ensure it's dry, and smooth as a dance floor. This wallpaper loves clean surfaces. Oh, and let the rolls hang out in the room for about 24 hours. Check for any quirks in the rolls, and if you spot something off, hit us up. 

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies Now, let's gear up! Grab your Wallpaper, Measuring tape, Scissors, Straightedge, Pencil, Level, Craft knife with extra blades, Smoothing tool, Step ladder, and a trusty Apron or some tool-friendly clothing.

Step 3: Cut Wallpaper Strips It's precision time! Pre-cut those strips to match the wall height, leaving a bit of wiggle room on the top and bottom for trimming. And remember, align that design from strip to strip for that seamless look. A sharp razor knife is your best friend—change that blade often for that slick cut.

Step 4: Mark Your Starting Point Measure the width of the wallpaper roll and mark, using a plumb line to create a vertical guideline. Position it from the corner, allowing an inch for trimming.

Step 5: Position the First Strip Now, the fun begins! Peel about 12” to 24” of that backing from the top of the paper. Slap it on the top of the wall, let a bit hang over the ceiling (we'll trim that later).

Step 6: Apply and Smooth the Wallpaper Top to bottom, peel that backing away as you press the paper onto the wall. Teamwork is key here—one person guides, the other holds. Smooth out any bubbles with a plastic smoother. 

Step 7: Trim the Edges Time to clean up! Trim off the excess at the ceiling and baseboard using your straightedge and a sharp razor knife. Change that blade as needed for a flawless cut.

Step 8: Apply the Remaining Strips Repeat the process, aligning the next strip to the right edge of the previous one. Oh, and a little tip for some patterns—try a slight overlap (about 1/16”), ensuring that perfect alignment.

Repositioning or Removing: If you ever need to reposition, start at the top corners, pull gently and slowly downward. And if you need to remove it, be gentle and avoid letting those adhesive surfaces touch. They can be a bit tricky to separate.

Cleaning & Care: Keep it looking spiffy! Our wallpapers are washable—mild detergent and a damp sponge or cloth will do the trick. Just avoid any scrubbing or harsh chemicals, and you're golden. Enjoy your revamped space!